Vintage Base Ball in Texas
Welcome to the home page for the
Texas Vintage Base Ball League.  
Here, we'll define Vintage Base Ball, explain
a bit of base ball history, showcase the
various vintage base ball teams in Texas
and maybe do some entertaining.
"It's much more
than a base ball
game, It's a
history lesson
as well!"

(From the team
We're A
Base Ball Club
From Texas
League Newsletter Is Now
    Available Online!

The Chadwick Chronicle, the official Texas
Vintage Base Ball League newsletter is now being
published and sent out to the club managers for
distribution.  It will also be reproduced online on this
The newsletter is created in the style of a mid-1800s
newspaper using fonts common in the 1860s.  Most of
the illustrations will be in the form of computer
generated pen and ink drawings made from
photographs taken at the events depicted.  Articles will
be about recent events of interest as well as how-to and
editorial pieces.  Some of the stories will be taken from
emails sent to me from club managers describing
games played or trips made by their teams.  Those who
send or submit those articles will be given the writing

The Chadwick Chronicle is named in honor of Henry
Chadwick, early sportswriter, chairman of most of the
early rules committees, editor of the Beadles Dime
Base Ball Player and other publications about the rules
of the game, and the creator of the box score.  He was
also one of the game's most ardent "cheerleaders" in the
mid to late eighteen hundreds.  His contemporaries
referred to him as the "Father of Baseball".     

You can see copies of the Chronicle here.

Wendel Dickason
Commissioner, Texas Vintage Base Ball League
& Editor of The Chadwick Chronicle
Website created and maintained by Wendel Dickason