By-Laws of the
Texas Vintage Base Ball League

                                      Formally adopted October 13, 2007

Founding Commissioners:
Bob Bluthardt, Fort Concho Vintage Base Ball Club
Wendel Dickason, Cedar Hill Cartwrights
Joe Garza, Montgomery College Saw Dogs
Michael Hickey, Montgomery College Saw Dogs
Warren Simpson, Buffalo Gap Vintage Base Ball Club
Bob Wettemann, Buffalo Gap Vintage Base Ball Club,

Article I -- Guiding Principles

The Texas Vintage Base Ball League (hereafter the TVBBL) exists to
promote the early history of baseball and educate the public about the
origins and history of the game as it existed in Texas prior to the
widespread adoption of the base ball glove.  The goals of promotion,
history and education are to be advanced by demonstrations of vintage
base ball games played for interpretive purposes in an entertaining
The TVBBL seeks to achieve Excellence -- Excellence in interpretation,
excellence in education, and excellence in performance (although
excellence in performance does not denote athletic excellence).  All
member clubs and organizations are encouraged to embrace excellence
in sportsmanship, honesty, and cooperation to further promote
education on the history of baseball and the growth of vintage base ball in
The vintage base ball game does not stand alone as an interpretive tool.  
The TVBBL actively promotes the education of its players and spectators
through historical research, live game commentary by appropriately
dressed participants (players, umpires and spectators), distribution of
educational handouts, illustrative displays, and any other means that
further explain, promote, and interpret the history of baseball both to the
league and for the audience it informs, educates and entertains.

Article II – Membership

2.1. Members.  Membership in the league shall be open to any vintage
base ball club organized in the state of Texas that fields a team or teams
playing at least six organized games in the preceding season (defined as
the calendar year beginning January 1 and concluding December 31).  
Any vintage base ball club so organized may petition the Commissioners
Board for membership in the TVBBL.  Membership of new clubs in the
TVBBL will be conferred by a vote from the Commissioners Board taken
at the annual meeting.  

2.2. Inclusivity.  The TVBBL encourages participation of all players and
spectators, regardless of sex, age, creed, national origin, or athletic ability,
provided they agree to abide by the By-Laws, and Rules Governing Play
adopted by the TVBBL.  Players under the age of 16 must have written
consent of their parents or legal guardians or presence of same.  

Article III –Club Representatives

3.1. Representation.  Each club shall name, elect, or otherwise choose
two representatives to the TVBBL.  The Club Representatives serve to
offer advice and counsel to the Commissioners Board, and to voice
concerns and interests to the Commissioner of Base Ball.  Club
Representatives also vote to approve or reject nominations to vacant
seats on the Commissioners Board.

3.2. Annual Meetings.  An Annual Meeting of the Club Representatives
and Commissioners Board will take place at or near the conclusion of
each season but prior to the commencement of the next subsequent
season.  The Annual Meeting shall be held at a time and place set by the
Commissioners Board after notice in writing is sent to all Club
Representatives not fewer than thirty days prior to said meeting.  Notices
shall be delivered in person, by mail, or electronically.  

3.3.  Voting.  Each Club shall have one vote at such times when votes are
called for by the Commissioners Board.  When a Club has one
Commissioner drawn from its ranks, it shall seat one Club
representative, and continue to receive one vote as a Club, as well as one
vote by the Commissioner.  When a Club has two Commissioners, they
shall function as Club Representatives and cast one vote on behalf of
their Club, in addition to any votes they might make as Commissioners.    

Article IV -- Commissioners Board  

4.1. Authority.  The affairs of the League shall be under the general
direction of a Commissioners Board, the sole policy-making body of the
League.  The Commissioners Board, to the extent it deems appropriate,
exercise its power to administer, direct, manage and conduct the affairs of
the League.

4.2. Number and Composition.  The Commissioners Board shall be
comprised of six voting commissioners who shall serve staggered, three-
year terms.  Of the six Founding Commissioners, two shall serve for five
years, two shall serve for four years, and two shall serve for three years.  
Once these initial terms are completed, all commissioners are eligible to
serve an additional three year term, with their initial terms constituting a
single term for purposes of defining term of office as outlined in 4.5,

4.3. Nomination of Commissioners.  Commissioners to fill vacant seats
on the Commissioners Board shall be nominated by a nominating
committee composed of the sitting Commissioners, with nominations to
be made prior to the expiration of the Commissioners’ term.  

4.4. Election.  Commissioners shall be elected by an affirmative vote of a
majority of the Club Representatives at the Annual Meeting.

4.5. Vacancies.  Any vacancy occurring on the Commissioners Board may
be filled by a nominated Commissioner who receives the affirmative vote
of a majority of the Club Representatives at the Annual Meeting.  

4.6. Term of Office.  At the conclusion of the terms of the Founding
Board of Commissioners, the term of office for a Commissioner shall be
three (3) calendar years (January through December), or until a
successor has been elected.  Commissioners in office may be elected for
one (1) additional consecutive three (3) year term after the first.  A lapse
of at least one (1) year shall be necessary before a Commissioner who has
served the equivalent of two consecutive three year terms can be eligible
for reelection to the Commissioners Board.  A Commissioner may return
to serve on the Board of Commissioners as often as he may be
nominated, provided they do not serve more than two terms in
succession and rotate off the board for the proscribed one year in the
interim.  Service of Commissioners to fill an unexpired term as
Commissioner shall not count as a full term for purposes of the two (2)
term limitation imposed herein.     

4.7. Meetings.  At the Annual Meeting, the By-Laws, and Rules
Governing Play adopted by the TVBBL will be examined by
Commissioners Board and, as necessary, adapted and changed to meet
the needs of common courtesy, provide a safe playing environment for
audience and players, promote vintage base ball as an attraction with
education value, promote the general integrity of the game and league,
attract prospective players and additional spectators, and to address
questions and concerns raised by the Club Representatives.  Additional
meetings may be called for on an as-needed basis by the Commissioner
of Base Ball.  

4.8. Votes by the Commissioners Board.  Each member of the
Commissioners Board, including the Commissioner of Base Ball shall
receive one vote.  Unless called for by the Commissioners Board, Club
Representatives do not vote on issues brought before the Commissioners
Board.  To be considered binding, all matters of policy addressed by the
Commissioners Board, specifically revisions to League By-Laws and
Rules of Play must pass by a vote of at least 67% of Commissioners
present.  In the case of a tie vote by the Commissioners Board on other
matters, the Commissioners Board and Club Representatives will vote on
the issue as a “Committee of the Whole,” with the Commissioner of Base
Ball, Commissioners and each Club represented receiving votes as
outlined in Article 3.3, above.       

4.9. Quorum.  A meeting of either the Commissioners Board or
assembled Club Representatives shall be considered valid when a
quorum is met.  A quorum is met when membership of either body
assembled meets or exceeds fifty percent plus one of existing

Article V – The Commissioner

5.1. Commissioner of Base Ball.  A Commissioner of Base Ball will be
elected by and from the Commissioners Board, and will serve so long as
they remain a member of the Commissioners Board or until they choose
to resign, whichever comes first.  When the sitting Commissioner of Base
Ball resigns or otherwise vacates the office, a new Commissioner of Base
Ball shall be selected from among the remaining members of the
Commissioners Board.  At that point, a new Commissioner shall be
immediately selected for nomination to the board and approval by the
Club Representatives so that said board will continue to have six

5.2. Duties of Commissioner.  The Commissioner of Base Ball serves as
the chief contact, arbiter, and record-keeper for the TVBBL, and is
empowered to call special meetings of the Commissioners Board to
discuss issues, coordinate league tournaments and calendars of play,
review governing principles, admit new clubs, settle disputes, and
address other issues of concern which may emerge.   

Rules Governing Play

1.  Unless otherwise specified, all games will be umpired in accordance
with Beadle’s 1860 baseball rules.  Aside from their optional employment
by the catcher or “behind,” baseball gloves will not be used.

2.  The average age of any fielded nine shall be no less than 30 years of
age.  Any club may challenge this rule by asking the opposing club to
provide the drivers licenses of all players on the field at any given time.

3.  No club may score more than 7 runs in a single inning, except for the
final inning, in which both clubs may score unlimited runs prior to the
third out being made.

4.  Clubs may adopt ground rules to govern the play on their respective
fields, but these ground rules must be announced to umpires, tally
keepers, both club captains, and opposing clubs prior to commencement
of play.

Active Clubs and Principal Contacts

Buffalo Gap Vintage Base Ball Club
Bob Wettemann
Warren Simpson

Montgomery College Saw Dogs
Michael Hickey
Joe Garza

Cedar Hill Cartwrights
Wendel Dickason

Buck and Breck Vintage Base Ball Club
Jan Hart

Richmond Giants
Bryan MacAuley

Farmers Branch Mustangs
Barbara Judkins

Fort Concho/San Angelo Vintage Base Ball Club
Bob Bluthardt
Allyn Byars

Prospective Clubs and contacts:

Sam Balkum

Lubbock/National Ranching Heritage Center
Christy Lemons