Team Song:
We're A Base Ball Club From
To the tune of The Girl I Left Behind Me
New lyrics by Wendel Dickason

We're a base ball club from Texas, where
We're proud of our traditions.
So we play our game in Vintage Style,
In its nineteenth century renditions.
We play by Eighteen Sixty's rules for
Sport, and not profession.
And our old time base ball uniforms
Complete our vintage impression.

Our pitcher stands just fifteen yards
Before the others' batter,
And a swinging strike or fair ball are
The only calls that matter.
We've no called strikes or walks for balls.
A foul's ignored in kind and
A striker beaned won't draw a walk,
Though the pitcher might get fined.

We do not wear gloves or other gear
Because they weren't invented,
But the larger, softer base ball helps
Keep injuries prevented.
A high sky ball need not be caught
As it falls t'ward the ground,
Because a batted ball's called out
If caught upon one bound.

When a ball’s struck foul, it’s dead until
It’s back in the hands of the pitcher,
But the 'fair-foul' ball might poss’bly make
A team a couple runs richer.
The Umpire stands where 'ere he wants.
The ball ground's his dominion.
If he can't see a play, he's free
To ask for others' opinion.

So we thank you all for being here.
We're happy that you came,
And we hope you like to watch as much
As we like playing the game.
But we admit a second motive,
If you couldn't tell:
It's much more than a base ball game.
It's a history lesson as well!


The accompanying audio was recorded by the
Celtaire String Band.