MC Saw Dogs 5  
 Baytown Mighty Oaks 5

On Saturday October 27, 2007 the
Montgomery College Saw Dogs
traveled south to take on the
Baytown Mighty Oaks. The lads
from Baytown tallied an ace in
each of the first four hands
(innings) and took a 4-0 lead into
the 5th. However, in the 5th hand
the Saw Dogs broke out their
favorite willows and managed to
dent the pan five times, taking the
lead 5-4. The Oaks tied the score in
the bottom of 7th hand. The game
went on for two more hands, when
it was decided that the ballists
would rather eat than play. Thus, at
the end of nine hands the Blind
Tom declared the match a draw.
Several fine plays were made
afield. One remembered by this
writer was a fine snag by Eduardo
“Bones” Melendres deep in left
field. Also, it should be noted that
Jimmy “the Playmaker” Taylor
tended the garden well around the
third sack.

The Montgomery College Saw
Dogs finished that 2007 season
with a 9-2-1 record. If you are
interested, or know somebody who
might be interested in playing for
the Saw Dogs during the 2008
season, please feel free to contact

For the Glory of the Game! Huzzah!
Michael “Molasses” Hickey
Montgomery College Saw Dogs: 5
    Baytown Mighty Oaks: 5