Printable Version of Beadle's Dime Base Ball Player
See printing notes at the bottom of the page.
Printing Notes:

These images were scanned from a "cannibalized" reprint of Beadle's Dime Base
Ball Player.

The first image is the center sheet of Beadles Dime Base Ball Player, pages 20 and
21.  The next image is the reverse side of that first sheet, or pages 22 and 19.  Each
succeeding pair represents the fronts and backs of the other nine sheets, except for
the last one which is the cover.    

Care should be taken when aligning the fronts and backs and it is suggested that
after printing the master copies, reprints are reduced in size so that after they are
collated and stapled (or glued or stitched), they can be cut to the correct dimensions
of the original guide, 3 ¾” by 5 ¾”. Because of the thickness and number of pages,
using a standard blade type paper cutter is very difficult and it is hard to cut
straight edges.  Therefore, you might want to see if your copy center has a
professional paper cutting machine or service available.

The pages can be printed on white or off-white paper.  The covers should be printed
on card stock, the color being a sort of orange –tan.  If the desired shade is not
available at your office supply, it might be found at a scrapbooking supplier, though
it will probably be a little more expensive.  

For our copies, we added the note on the back cover about this version being
printed for the benefit of the Texas Vintage Base Ball League.  Feel free to delete
that on your copies and/or insert your own organization’s name.