Just For Fun!

This page and its links are here for
two of the reasons we play the
game:  Fun and Entertainment
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new 'mockumentary'
about a visit by Mahatma
Gandhi to Yankee
Stadium in 1933.
(Of course not, but click
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classic baseball routine.)
Baseball has its
of creation myths:
This song can be used by or easily modified for any vintage base ball club in
 If anyone needs help changing or adding to the lyrics, drop me a line.
James Earl Jones
gave us one of the
most memorable
baseball speeches
ever and, as many
are aware, he also
provided the voice
of Darth Vader.
For some time, my
Muses have been
urging me to
create this bit of
silliness.  Enjoy.
When I give talks about the history of baseball, I always note that the game
evolved over the years and probably never had a real beginning.  However, if my
audience is of the younger set, I tell them that I like to imagine that about a million
years ago, some caveman picked up a rock and threw it at another who picked up
a club and struck it...and then all the other cavemen jumped up and did the wave.  
Recently, while surfing eBay, I ran across these two 8" plastic figurines that are
part of a collection of historical warriors.  But the more I looked at them, the more I
realized they weren't in fighting poses, but rather, they represented mankind's very
first ball players.  So I decided to buy them, paint them and add them to my
traveling display of baseball history.    

Gar and Lar are now honorary members of the Texas Vintage Base Ball League.