Veterans Cup Vintage Base Ball Tournament in
Boerne, Texas  Nov. 10, 11, 2007

On Veterans’ Day weekend, the
Boerne Agricultural Museum hosted
the first annual Veterans’ Cup
Vintage Base Ball Tournament.  The
ceremonial first pitch was thrown
out by a veteran of the original
Boerne White Sox, Elmer
Bergmann.  Mr. Bergmann played
for the team in the 1930s and

On Saturday, two games were
played between the Boerne White
Sox and the Buffalo Gap Chips from
Abilene, with the Sox falling to the
state champion Chips in both
matches.  However, on Sunday, the
Sox rallied to defeat the ad-hoc
Boerne All Stars in two games.   

Aggressive fielding on Saturday is
credited for keeping the much more
experienced Abilene club from
scoring more than three runs in
either game despite their sixteen
hits in the first meeting and nine in
the second.  In the first game, the
Chips scored three times while the
Sox crossed the plate once and the
Chips goose egged the Sox in the
second game of the double header
while scoring three runs again.    

On Sunday, the Boerne All Stars, a
local team comprised of board
members of the Boerne Youth
Athletics Association and parents of
the players on the Khaos baseball
team (from the Select Baseball
League).  The All Stars donned
vintage style uniforms and took to
the field to try their hand at 1860
rules base ball but soon learned
that playing with skills acquired in
the twenty first century did little to
help compete with players practiced
with gloveless catching and
swinging the heavy wooden
nineteenth century bats.  

However, they quickly picked up on
to the notion of catching a fly ball
after one bounce to make an out
and worked to apply that concept to
foul tics made by Sox hitters.  But
even being quick studies, the All
Stars could not match the skills of
the White Sox, and although their
hitting in the first game was on par
with the Sox (7 to 8), they were
outscored four to two.  

By the second game, the White Sox,
filled with grilled hot dogs and
surrounded by the musical
ambiance of real old time baseball
(The Boerne Village Band), the Sox
made twenty hits (to the All Star’s
four) and came home nine times, six
more than the fledgling All Stars.  

The spirit and camaraderie of
vintage base ball was evident the
whole weekend with teams good-
naturedly jeering and cheering their
opponents and the spectators
getting into the act root, root,
rooting for their favorites just as in
the old days.       
The Boerne White Sox  
Host 1860 Rules
The ceremonial first pitch was made by Elmer Bergmann, a pitcher
for the original Boerne Mustangs in the 1930s and '40s.  He is
presented with the ball by Boerne catcher Dave "Lemonade" Kovac.

The White Sox and the Chips pose for team pictures following their
games on Saturday.  
"Is this Heaven?"  
"Close...It's Texas!"