President's Cup Tournament held at the George
Ranch near Richmond, Texas
September 1st, 2007
Vintage photographs were taken with a rebuilt antique view camera
using a lens manufactured in 1890.
The Montgomery College Saw Dogs
The Richmond Giants
The Farmers Branch Mustangs
The Boerne White Sox
The Revolvers

The Iron Mountain Photography Co.

Thunderstorms which had been forecast for Saturday,
Sept. 1st failed to materialize and the annual state-wide
tournament was held under clear to partly cloudy
skies.  The Buffalo Gap Chips were last minute
cancellations, but this year saw the inclusion of two
new teams in the Lone Star state, the Farmers Branch
Mustangs and the Boerne White Sox, both of which
gave an excellent account of themselves.  Another team,
the Revolvers was assembled from available players
and interested spectators and also hit and fielded well.